Thursday, October 10, 2013

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

MEDIA RELEASE October 10th, 2013:
Breast cancer is a serious issue being faced by New Zealand women, and men, of all ages on a daily basis. These are our mothers; grandmothers; our aunties; friends and our daughters - and 7 of them will receive the shocking news of a diagnosis today, tomorrow and every day.
A serious issue requires a serious message - and some serious images.
Recently a television advertisement screened in Scotland showing women’s breasts and nipples illustrating that a lump is not the only indication of breast cancer. This graphic advert resulted in a 50 percent rise in the number of woman contacting their GP about this disease and getting checked.
The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation were advised not to create a similar advert for New Zealand as it would breach standards of decency for television advertising – and be relegated to a late evening time slot.
Nipples are not indecent. They are natural, common to both men and women, and not something secret or dirty. We allow our children to watch daytime and early evening TV with advertisements where men model jeans or underpants topless.
The New ZealandNaturist Federation promotes health and well-being.
We commend and support the efforts and successes of the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation in educating men and women of our country about the signs of the disease; in supporting those affected by the disease; and their continued work in finding better treatment and greater survival from the disease.
The NZNF believe, and results overseas confirm, the most effective method for portraying the seriousness of this disease is through a visually hard-hitting and thought-provoking advertisement campaign.
A serious issue requires a serious message - and some serious images.
Nipples are not indecent and an advertisement that warned and tried to protect the women we love and respect should be screened at any time, anywhere.

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