Sunday, February 26, 2012

gonatural - March Issue #220 out now!

A year has gone by since we first published your magazine in full colour. It has been our pleasure to bring you a wide range of stories and photos from naturists, in particular those depicting New Zealand Naturism. Soon it will be time for many of us to travel to warmer climes during the winter months here in search of the endless summer. Take some notes and photos of your overseas trip and email them for publication in gonatural.

New NZNF Communications Officer, Donna Miller is keen to exploit the benefits of the internet using social media and to get clubs ‘on the radar’. News, events and other interesting items will be published on the internet and in gonatural magazine as the gonatural newsletter which was previously sent to clubs will no longer be produced.

Beach nudity invariably makes the headlines during "slow news fortnight" with Ladies Bay in Auckland gaining typical undue media attention and the New Year coverage was no exception. Darrell Turner responded in the NZ Herald (his article is kindly reproduced in this issue) and Free Beaches NZ present the legal summary.

The Bay of Plenty Sun Club recently celebrated fortyfive years of naturism with a reunion of past and present members during Labour Weekend in October. During that same month it was ‘skin only’ for a flock of ‘nudies’ at The Wrinkly Rams Cafe & Winebar in Omarama; later that summer three friends spent two wonderful days of naked rambles in Taranaki.

A year or more in the planning, the 60th annual NZNF Rally A Fairytale Circus was eagerly anticipated by organisers and visitors alike. Sure, those of us who attended will remember it for the wet weather, but more importantly the combination of sporting and fun entertainment events provided by a very large group of volunteers - on holiday - just like the rest of us. The week long rally was a credit to the organisers and the magnificent team of helpers.

Purchase your copy of gonatural to read more interesting articles about New Zealand Naturism.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer...??

"Boy, it's been a wonderful summer hasn't it!" No, they're not words much heard or associated with the summer we've been having this year! Some regions which usually enjoy many sunshine hours and balmy temperatures have been severely lacking in both of those areas. There's certainly been more of the "crazy" and less of the "lazy hazy" this summer.

However, despite this, recent events planned by naturist organisations and clubs around the country have seen an increased interest and participation in the lifestyle.

Many clubs have had successful visitor/open days over the summer and Free Beaches organised the much publicised "Skinny-dip down a Moonbeam" event on February 8th.

There has been a lot of media attention of various events, especially the February 8th event. Some of it has been negative but Joyce Flemming gave a most wonderful radio interview with Jim Mora on Radio NZ and I also did one on RDU (the Christchurch student/alternative radio station) with both presenters asking intelligent questions and showing their support/tolerance of our lifestyle.

Chris Laidlaw also ran a Haiku competition on his Radio NZ Saturday morning show with the topic of "skinny-dip down a moonbeam" that had a fantastic response and Kevin Sampson of Katikati Naturist Park wrote a wonderful and balanced article on public nakedness that ran in the NZ Herald.

So if you are one of the many whose interest in the naturist lifestyle has been piqued, then visit our our website for links to an organisation or club near you and experience what we call 'social naturism' and more of "those lazy hazy crazy days of summer"...hopefully.

[Photo courtesy of Brian Williams]

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Circus has left Town...

The circus might have left town, but boy was it a blast while it was there.

The Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club hosted the 60th NZNF Rally from December 27th 2011 until January 4th 2012.

The theme was "A Fairytale Circus" and despite adversity from the weather, great effort was made to ensure the rally wasn't a "circus" but a success - and we think they certainly succeeded.

A strong team assisted with the preparation and smooth running of the week long event with a full sports competition and evening entertainment organised for each night.

Among the evening entertainment was a best dressed clown competition, a fairytale ball and a Moulin Rouge evening where everything (and everyone) was decorated in red.

A talented local musician, Russell French, was hired to perform on two of the nights and played a great variety getting everyone up dancing on the wet grass dance floor.

We were also wowed with beautiful and serene performances from three of the Nikau String Quartet on one evening.

There was something to please each of the almost 190 attendees at the rally and ensure all had a great time with the inclement weather having little or no effect to "dampen" the spirit.

Next year the Wellington Naturist Club will host the NZNF Rally and the theme will be "A New Age of Aquarius" - we will keep you updated with details for that throughout the year.

Introducing Me...Donna

Happy New Year!

I am the recently appointed Communications Officer for the New Zealand Naturist Federation.

I've been a member of a naturist club for 3 years but had begun frequenting clothes-free beaches 13 years ago after moving to Auckland from Christchurch with my husband.

Even though I might be fairly new to naturism, I have a passion and enthusiasm for promoting the lifestyle and introducing many new participants to this natural and wonderful way of life.

In my opinion social media is the most vital way of "spreading the word" to people of all ages and walks of life.

I look forward to bringing news and insights to you on a regular basis and welcome your comments and interaction.

Yours naturally,