Wednesday, November 12, 2014

For Health and Well-being...

Last weekend I completed a Half Marathon - my 7th in fact in as many years.

I am not a naturally sporty person and my time was no amazing feat. I am just a middle aged woman who is trying to look after herself and do something that challenges and stretches me, but that also isn't out of the realms of possibility. I walk my half marathons, I don't attempt to run them - even though many people well in advanced of my age do and good on them. 

Another thing I do for my physical health and well-being is get as much vitamin D as possible via sunshine while doing my normal daily activities - such as gardening or housework - while unclothed.

I am lucky because I can do some of my training walking around the roads of the naturist club that my husband and I belong to. It can get a bit repetitive and boring doing a number of the same 1.25km circuits, but it ticks both boxes - training and clothes-free recreation.

With my recent training, I have had the New Zealand Naturist Federation tag-line going over and over in my head..."For Health and Well-being"!

My body and mind benefit in so many ways - apart from the obvious.
  • I feel the breeze and sunlight on my skin - this frees my mind and makes me exhale and breathe out the stresses and concerns I've been holding on to;
  • I hear the birds chirping happily and see growth on the trees - this brings me close to nature and gives me an appreciation and respect for the circle of life;
  • I feel the freedom and release of not being trapped or bound by clothes - while I still have a purpose and am driven to achieve, I am liberated by the options and choices I can make;
  • A contentment washes over me - I am me, and I like me; I am blessed, and I am grateful;
Now I am not suggesting that everyone needs to get training for a half marathon. I am merely sharing some of the physical benefits that I've experienced to my health and well-being.

You could garden in the nude, do housework in the nude or even do your work-outs in the nude on your home equipment. 

Photo credit: Jeff Norman
Used with permission by the NZNF
In fact, did you know that the word "gymnasium" comes from the latinisation of the Greek word gymnos which means "naked", and in essence means "to train naked".

Even if you have physical challenges or limitations I believe there are many things you can do without clothes that will benefit your body and physical well-being.

So, whether working out, tidying up, or enjoying some well-earned downtime, why not consider doing it clothes-free...for your health and well-being.

Monday, November 10, 2014

gonatural Magazine Issue #231 December 2014

Editor's Letter:

Just Give it a TRY! This summer our enthusiastic Communications Officer, Donna Miller, kicks off the NZNF summer promotion by encouraging people to “just give it a go!” In fact at a recent function I was attending I was asked what brought me here, the surprising comment to my candid answer was “Oh, I’ve always wanted to give it a try”. Business cards were exchanged and a new friendship formed.

So where was this? I was attending the Tourism New Zealand Business Events Awards Dinner, held in the Mackelvie Gallery in the Auckland Art Gallery. My all expenses paid trip to Auckland was to join 38 other Conference Organisers to celebrate our successes, due in no small measure, to assistance provided by TNZ Business Events since its inception four years ago. Kerry Prendergast, Chair of Tourism New Zealand, introduced us to Stephen Joyce, Minister for Economic Development, who then presented each of us with a certificate. I also received a beautiful hand-crafted silver fern brooch. So join the steering team of June Campbell-Tong, Donna Miller and me and celebrate our successful bid to host the next INF Congress in New Zealand.

Some of us were lucky to spend time in Europe over the winter and if you look carefully at two of our articles, you will notice that Brent Anderson and Wendy and Nick Lowe visited the same naturist beach in Croatia during their European vacations. Our own travels brought us to many lovely naturist resorts in the South of France. Two months of friends, fun and food culminating in an emotional farewell from friends and family at L’Eglantiere. 

In New Zealand, in the north at Ngatuhoa, the annual summer camp held in January is an excellent way of recharging the batteries; and in Rotorua and surroundings you can explore some of the natural gems this wonderful area has to offer. 

One day last summer, Graham Macgregor and friends from the US, packed their lunch and went exploring - at Opoutere Beach - and what a beach! 

Now here’s a challenge. Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club is the only naturist 
club in New Zealand with its own gym. That sounds pretty good, as does the Oranui Games Nude Sports Tournament held at AONC during Auckland Anniversary Weekend. Another popular long weekend during the summer is Waitangi Weekend and the unique opportunity offered in February sounds like the place to meet up in the Far North. Check out other options for Waitangi Weekend and many other summer events in ‘What’s On’.

And for those of you who are on Facebook, ‘like’ our pages and share our posts with all your friends from here and overseas. 

Kay Hannam
Managing Editor