Sunday, October 13, 2013

Benefits of Naturism - Part 1: Health & Self Esteem

The benefits of naturism are wide and varied. From health benefits to therapy; from getting close to nature and the simple pleasures of pure freedom...let us show you how you and your body can benefit from the lifestyle that is nude recreation - or naturism.


Sun exposure and vitamin D
Despite negative publicity on the risk of skin cancer from too much sun exposure, it is sun burn that leads to skin cancer not sun exposure.
Naturism is more about doing normal, everyday activities, without the encumbrance of clothing when it is actually not required than lying about in the sun to get an all over suntan. The area of skin covered by a bathing suit doesn't really make much difference when out in the sun - the same precautions have to be taken naked or in togs and sun protection is always advisable when out in the sun, especially between 10am and 3pm in the summer months.
There is a lot of literature on the benefits of the sun on the body due to the production of vitamin D in response to sun exposure. The most natural way to get vitamin D is by exposing your bare skin to sunlight and the recommended ‘dose’ of sunlight on the total body, required to maintain adequate vitamin D levels, is considered by many specialists to be half the time it takes to burn per day. Not only does it feel good, but the sun has been documented to be beneficial in the prevention of a large number of diseases, from rickets to some forms of cancer (including melanoma), arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, asthma and cardiovascular disease.
Mental health
Being naked outdoors on a sunny day isn't sexual, but it is sensual – a delight to your senses – creating a feeling of well-being. Researchers are now discovering that vitamin D may play an important role in mental health and in depression. We all know how invigorating the sun can be and how depressed we can feel in the winter, during days and days of cloud and even has a name SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Naturism allows us to feel the breeze over the whole body and the cool grass under our feet. Add swimming without clammy togs into the mix, and you get a total stimulation of the tactile (touch) senses. 
In today’s world, where stress seems to be 'part of the deal', a visit to a naturist club can let you totally unwind. We often use the expression ‘shed your stresses with your clothes’ and that is totally true - once you get through the gate and dispense with your clothes, all your stresses can be felt draining away as nature’s elements caress your whole body.
Naturists know they lead a much healthier life, physically and mentally due to the euphoria which creates a sense of well-being that can only be experienced to understand it. 

Self Esteem:

Along with the increase in euphoria created by exposing the whole body to nature’s elements, naturism helps to increase confidence and self esteem. Once people shed their clothes they regard each other as equal individuals and pay little heed to status symbols - people are accepted as themselves and they can truly relax. The naturist philosophy encourages the acceptance of all people, no matter who they are or what they look like - what your body looks like becomes irrelevant 'you are you’, and we are basically all the same underneath.
Many people, women especially, think that their body isn’t good enough to show to others. However they needn't worry - there are all shapes and sizes, colours and creed in the general population and the same exists in a naturist environment but everyone is accepted without prejudice. Some have experienced surgery, childbirth, or have scars from accidents, but social nakedness quickly shows you that you are accepted for who you are not what you look like - there is no need to worry about how your body compares with someone else’s.
You will gain more confidence and feel totally ‘comfortable in your skin’.

Make sure you "stay tuned" for Part 2 where we will talk more about the benefits of naturism - lifestyle, freedom and family.

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