Friday, August 15, 2014

gonatural Magazine Issue #230 September 2014

Editor's Letter:
Earlier this year, Joyce Fleming died peacefully at her home in Christchurch. The Service to Celebrate Joyce’s life was held on 31st May during which Mike Ward, President of Free Beaches NZ, presented ‘A Tribute to Joyce Fleming’ and this is featured as our leading article.
Joyce was a quiet force to be reckoned with. ‘An inspiring woman’ pretty well sums her up, with a passion for a natural environment and creating change where she thought necessary. We didn’t always agree of course, but Joyce always presented her ideas in a quiet and convincing manner.
There were numerous ‘causes’ where Joyce’s enthusiasm and passion made a tremendous difference to Pineglades Naturist Club, including introducing the game of miniten!
The presentation of a grounds management plan which incorporated the beautiful arboretum which has given so much pleasure to members and visitors alike, was due in no small measure to Joyce’s thorough research and dedication to ensure the plan was followed through.
However it was on the promotion front where Joyce excelled; ‘collaborating’ with many others over the years, with several ideas to encourage others, particularly women, to enjoy clothes free living.
One of her promotional coups, was in NZ Women’s Weekly, but oh dear, the headline ‘I’m a Nudist Nana’ did not go down well at all!
Before she became proficient with her computer, we would spend hours on the telephone "rabbiting on" as she was known to do. Joyce contributed numerous articles for gonatural magazine. Always looking for a new "angle" her creative contributions were a delight to read. Even at 86 years of age. Members of the New Zealand Naturist Federation and readers of gonatural magazine join me in extending our sincere condolences to Joyce’s extended family and to Bert.
Check out the Polar Plunge feature in this issue. There were so many people getting their kit off and celebrating the Winter Solstice this year, and we received some super photos too! Your contributions are very much appreciated. Many thanks also to all our wonderful advertisers and readers who continue to support gonatural magazine.
Thanks to the support and resources of Tourism New Zealand, and the sterling efforts of June Campbell-Tong and Donna Miller, I will travel to Ireland in September and attend the INF Congress. As Steering Committee Chair, my role is to present a submission on behalf of the NZNF to host the 2016 International Congress of Naturism in New Zealand.
Is mian liom luck maith.