Monday, January 12, 2015

Just Give it a Try - During "gonatural Week" 2015

The New Zealand Naturist Federation announces that “gonatural Week” will again be held throughout the country this year.

Each year during the last full week of January, the Federation holds gonatural Week to promote naturism and clothes-free recreation and the dates this year are 17th to 26th January. 

This gonatural Week, the New Zealand Naturist Federation is encouraging individuals, couples and families to “just give it a try” with many clubs around the country celebrating their lifestyle by inviting visitors to open days so they can discover the many benefits of naturism along with the facilities offered.

New Zealand Naturist Federation National President Wendy Lowe says, “This is your opportunity to experience the true benefits that being a naturist brings for good health and well being”. 

Naturism is by definition by the International Naturist Federation as "a way of life in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, linked to self-respect and tolerance of differing views together with respect for the environment”.

“From being close to nature, the newfound confidence you get about your body, to the stress relieving freedom that nude recreation brings, naturism is a holistic approach to healthy living that leads to an improvement in both physical and mental health stemming from a person feeling better about themselves and their body”, Wendy says.

But don’t just take our word for it. 

We hope that you can accept our invitation to visit one of the venues and have the opportunity to meet some members and better understand what naturism is all about. And once you have, you will wonder why you didn’t “just give it a go” years ago.

Wendy says “There is no pressure to undress – it is most important that you relax and have a good time”.

To find out more about the naturist community in New Zealand, check out our website or for more information about ‘gonatural Week’ please email or