Wednesday, November 12, 2014

For Health and Well-being...

Last weekend I completed a Half Marathon - my 7th in fact in as many years.

I am not a naturally sporty person and my time was no amazing feat. I am just a middle aged woman who is trying to look after herself and do something that challenges and stretches me, but that also isn't out of the realms of possibility. I walk my half marathons, I don't attempt to run them - even though many people well in advanced of my age do and good on them. 

Another thing I do for my physical health and well-being is get as much vitamin D as possible via sunshine while doing my normal daily activities - such as gardening or housework - while unclothed.

I am lucky because I can do some of my training walking around the roads of the naturist club that my husband and I belong to. It can get a bit repetitive and boring doing a number of the same 1.25km circuits, but it ticks both boxes - training and clothes-free recreation.

With my recent training, I have had the New Zealand Naturist Federation tag-line going over and over in my head..."For Health and Well-being"!

My body and mind benefit in so many ways - apart from the obvious.
  • I feel the breeze and sunlight on my skin - this frees my mind and makes me exhale and breathe out the stresses and concerns I've been holding on to;
  • I hear the birds chirping happily and see growth on the trees - this brings me close to nature and gives me an appreciation and respect for the circle of life;
  • I feel the freedom and release of not being trapped or bound by clothes - while I still have a purpose and am driven to achieve, I am liberated by the options and choices I can make;
  • A contentment washes over me - I am me, and I like me; I am blessed, and I am grateful;
Now I am not suggesting that everyone needs to get training for a half marathon. I am merely sharing some of the physical benefits that I've experienced to my health and well-being.

You could garden in the nude, do housework in the nude or even do your work-outs in the nude on your home equipment. 

Photo credit: Jeff Norman
Used with permission by the NZNF
In fact, did you know that the word "gymnasium" comes from the latinisation of the Greek word gymnos which means "naked", and in essence means "to train naked".

Even if you have physical challenges or limitations I believe there are many things you can do without clothes that will benefit your body and physical well-being.

So, whether working out, tidying up, or enjoying some well-earned downtime, why not consider doing it clothes-free...for your health and well-being.

Monday, November 10, 2014

gonatural Magazine Issue #231 December 2014

Editor's Letter:

Just Give it a TRY! This summer our enthusiastic Communications Officer, Donna Miller, kicks off the NZNF summer promotion by encouraging people to “just give it a go!” In fact at a recent function I was attending I was asked what brought me here, the surprising comment to my candid answer was “Oh, I’ve always wanted to give it a try”. Business cards were exchanged and a new friendship formed.

So where was this? I was attending the Tourism New Zealand Business Events Awards Dinner, held in the Mackelvie Gallery in the Auckland Art Gallery. My all expenses paid trip to Auckland was to join 38 other Conference Organisers to celebrate our successes, due in no small measure, to assistance provided by TNZ Business Events since its inception four years ago. Kerry Prendergast, Chair of Tourism New Zealand, introduced us to Stephen Joyce, Minister for Economic Development, who then presented each of us with a certificate. I also received a beautiful hand-crafted silver fern brooch. So join the steering team of June Campbell-Tong, Donna Miller and me and celebrate our successful bid to host the next INF Congress in New Zealand.

Some of us were lucky to spend time in Europe over the winter and if you look carefully at two of our articles, you will notice that Brent Anderson and Wendy and Nick Lowe visited the same naturist beach in Croatia during their European vacations. Our own travels brought us to many lovely naturist resorts in the South of France. Two months of friends, fun and food culminating in an emotional farewell from friends and family at L’Eglantiere. 

In New Zealand, in the north at Ngatuhoa, the annual summer camp held in January is an excellent way of recharging the batteries; and in Rotorua and surroundings you can explore some of the natural gems this wonderful area has to offer. 

One day last summer, Graham Macgregor and friends from the US, packed their lunch and went exploring - at Opoutere Beach - and what a beach! 

Now here’s a challenge. Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club is the only naturist 
club in New Zealand with its own gym. That sounds pretty good, as does the Oranui Games Nude Sports Tournament held at AONC during Auckland Anniversary Weekend. Another popular long weekend during the summer is Waitangi Weekend and the unique opportunity offered in February sounds like the place to meet up in the Far North. Check out other options for Waitangi Weekend and many other summer events in ‘What’s On’.

And for those of you who are on Facebook, ‘like’ our pages and share our posts with all your friends from here and overseas. 

Kay Hannam
Managing Editor

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Just give it a try...

Remember as a young child . . . the seemingly endless days of summer; the sprinkler going in the backyard; off come your clothes; the squeals of delight as you run through the water; jumping in the puddles; the feel of water, sun and breeze on your bare skin; the innocent fun and pure joy . . .

Maybe now as an adult . . . you dress at the last minute before leaving home; enjoying the lasting warmth of the shower; the kiss of air against your skin; lingering for as long as possible; the blissful feeling of being free from entrapments and stress . . .

To say life is busy is an understatement - it can be downright hectic even overwhelming at times. Work and leisure pull us several ways at once demanding every bit of energy and offering little or no respite or reward in return.

How recently have you just wanted to shake off the burdens and pressures of life, throw caution to the wind and experience that real freedom and pure innocent joy, of life as a child again?

Perhaps you have enjoyed a late night skinny-dip at the beach or taken advantage of a secluded spot at the river and gone for a quick swim and topless lie in the sun?

Naturism, nudism, skinny-dipping! It might have many names but just one meaning…non-sexual nudity and nude recreation!

You can shed the stresses of life, along with your clothes, and experience the many benefits of naturism which are wide and varied. From physical and mental health benefits; to therapy, stress release, pure freedom, and a sense of well-being; along with increased confidence and self esteem and also a connection with nature and natural vitamin D.

"Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, linked to self-respect, tolerance of differing views together with respect for the environment”.  
- International Naturist Federation 

The New Zealand Naturist Federation aims to promote nude recreation and non-sexual nudity as a healthy, natural and freeing lifestyle.

You do not have to be a member of any organisation to be a naturist. You could start around your home - gardening nude in the backyard if it's private or vacuuming inside without're going to get warm anyway! 

But there are three options available if you do want to join an existing NZNF affiliated organisation and experience naturism with like minded people: 

  • Free Beaches NZ Inc - No, it’s not illegal. All around our country are many recognised clothes free/optional beaches, rivers, and hot springs where you can relax or throw a frisby without clothes. Have you experienced the benefits and pleasures of sunlight, air and water on your whole body - in the wide expanse of nature? Free Beaches New Zealand Inc is the society which exists in order to defend the rights of skinny-dippers, beach naturists and all people who love to “go natural” in the great outdoors.  
  • NZ Naturists - Is a group administered by the NZNF for people who want to experience the freedom of nude recreation but may not be ready to join a club or there isn't one close by. Members receive a quarterly newsletter advising events around the country and a subscription to gonatural magazine. A NZNF membership card with INF sticker introduces you to naturist clubs around NZ and the world. 
  • NZNF Clubs - Around the country there are 17 NZNF affiliated clubs which have their own grounds, facilities and often accommodation. Many have courts for volleyball, miniten - a smaller version of tennis - swimming pools and spas. Social and sporting events are regularly scheduled at clubs and facilities like a clubhouse mean you can go indoors when the weather is bad. To visit a club, you can contact them via links on our website.

For more information on naturism in New Zealand, or answers to questions you might have, go to the FAQ Page on our website or contact us at

So this summer, whether at home, at a beach or a club...just give it a try! You will not be disappointed with how set free and wonderful you feel.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Announcing the Host of the 2016 Congress

Every two years the International Naturist Federation (INF) have a World Congress which is hosted by different Federations around the world. Just last week, the Irish Naturist Association hosted the INF and Delegates from around the world at a village called Drumshanbo for the 2014 INF Congress.   

The New Zealand Naturist Federation (NZNF) had submitted earlier in the year a bid to host the 2016 World Congress of Naturism in our wonderful country and Delegates at the 2014 Congress voted on that.

We are thrilled to announce that our bid was successful and that the 2016 INF Congress will be held at Wellington Naturist Club (WNC) on the dates of 16th ~ 20th November. 

We are extremely grateful for the significant assistance and resources received from Tourism New Zealand and also Absolutely Positively Wellington and acknowledge their role in securing the hosting rights. 

From registration to venue facilities and accommodation options, our plan is to host a world-class business event and cultural experience. We will make travel information and bookings for attendees professional and easy - with no detail missed.

While the business meetings and events will be held at WNC, there are opportunities for each club and naturist park around the country to host the many international visitors and delegates as they tour pre/post Congress. 

The Steering Committee for the 2016 Congress comprises of Kay Hannam, June Campbell-Tong and Donna Miller who report to Wendy Lowe (NZNF President) and Ken Mercer (Wellington Naturist Club President). 

Assistance will be required from many others with varying areas of expertise to ensure the success and professionalism of the event. Once these areas are identified, requests will be communicated to the naturist community and any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

A Facebook page has been set up to keep you informed with our ideas and plans so please "like" it and share it with your networks so you can be updated as things happen.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

4 Reasons - But there's more...much much more!

In just a week the 2014 INF Congress will begin in Ireland. The New Zealand Naturist Federation have submitted a bid to host the 2016 INF Congress in our wonderful country and we are hopeful of and thankful for the support of all the International Federations.

There are so many reasons why the New Zealand Naturist Federation should be chosen as the next host of the INF-FNI Congress 2016, but let's just start with a few...

Reason #1: Our stunningly beautiful country! 
New Zealand is on top of many most desired places to visit lists, and is it any wonder why! 
From majestic mountains, and pristine lakes, to awesome native forests and breathtaking beaches...New Zealand has it all.

Reason #2: We have New Zealand Tourism right behind us helping to bring visitors to our country and to make the 2016 Congress a huge success.

Reason #3: Our 17 naturist clubs and 3 naturist parks in great locations and with friendly and welcoming members for accommodation while pre/post Congress touring.
Plus David our ITO Travel Arranger who will assist with all your arrangements.

Reason #4: A Steering Committee dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic to providing a professional and memorable event with no detail missed...and they have the support of 1500 NZNF members!

Like we said, these are just a few of the many reasons why a World Naturist Congress would be spectacular in New Zealand!

We thank you all once again for your support and hope to soon be announcing news of our success!  

Regards naturally,

Friday, August 15, 2014

gonatural Magazine Issue #230 September 2014

Editor's Letter:
Earlier this year, Joyce Fleming died peacefully at her home in Christchurch. The Service to Celebrate Joyce’s life was held on 31st May during which Mike Ward, President of Free Beaches NZ, presented ‘A Tribute to Joyce Fleming’ and this is featured as our leading article.
Joyce was a quiet force to be reckoned with. ‘An inspiring woman’ pretty well sums her up, with a passion for a natural environment and creating change where she thought necessary. We didn’t always agree of course, but Joyce always presented her ideas in a quiet and convincing manner.
There were numerous ‘causes’ where Joyce’s enthusiasm and passion made a tremendous difference to Pineglades Naturist Club, including introducing the game of miniten!
The presentation of a grounds management plan which incorporated the beautiful arboretum which has given so much pleasure to members and visitors alike, was due in no small measure to Joyce’s thorough research and dedication to ensure the plan was followed through.
However it was on the promotion front where Joyce excelled; ‘collaborating’ with many others over the years, with several ideas to encourage others, particularly women, to enjoy clothes free living.
One of her promotional coups, was in NZ Women’s Weekly, but oh dear, the headline ‘I’m a Nudist Nana’ did not go down well at all!
Before she became proficient with her computer, we would spend hours on the telephone "rabbiting on" as she was known to do. Joyce contributed numerous articles for gonatural magazine. Always looking for a new "angle" her creative contributions were a delight to read. Even at 86 years of age. Members of the New Zealand Naturist Federation and readers of gonatural magazine join me in extending our sincere condolences to Joyce’s extended family and to Bert.
Check out the Polar Plunge feature in this issue. There were so many people getting their kit off and celebrating the Winter Solstice this year, and we received some super photos too! Your contributions are very much appreciated. Many thanks also to all our wonderful advertisers and readers who continue to support gonatural magazine.
Thanks to the support and resources of Tourism New Zealand, and the sterling efforts of June Campbell-Tong and Donna Miller, I will travel to Ireland in September and attend the INF Congress. As Steering Committee Chair, my role is to present a submission on behalf of the NZNF to host the 2016 International Congress of Naturism in New Zealand.
Is mian liom luck maith.

Monday, May 19, 2014

gonatural Magazine Issue #229 June 2014

Editor's Letter:
In our previous issue of gonatural Magazine, we brought you the exciting news that the NZNF had formally written to the International Naturist Federation, expressing its desire to hold the INF World Congress 2016 at the grounds of Wellington Naturist Club.

Now, with the support and resources of Tourism New Zealand and Absolutely Positively Wellington, the steering team have the added bonus of professional mentors assisting them to do everything possible to bring the congress and delegates to our country.
In this day and age the website is an important aspect of your organisation’s promotion. NZNF Internet Coordinator, Hans van Asperdt, provides some tips on how to improve your organisation’s website.
Irene Begg was one of fourteen intrepid naturists who journeyed in convoy in 4WD vehicles into the remote Te Urewera National Park. While on the West side of the North Island, Taranaki Naturist Club, thanks to support from Percy Cousins Trust, celebrated the installation and opening of their new swimming pool.
NUDVAN’S Mystery Safari included visits to the Hare Krishna Temple, Crystal Mountain and Counties Sun Club. Counties club also celebrated a milestone during their 40th anniversary in February of this year.
The annual visit by the Hash House Harriers to Te Marua drew a good assembly of fit ‘geriatrix’ all enjoying Wellington Naturist Club’s great hospitality and facilities.
South now with Skinny Dip Tours and a gaggle of ‘Aussies’ visiting many of New Zealand’s iconic scenic attractions in the ‘Mainland’, stopovers at all the smaller clubs in the ‘deep south’, and beginning and ending at Pineglades.
Still in the ‘deep south’ on the Naked Overlanders Trek with Will and Shirley Fraser and Possum. Possum writes "I got to spend a whole stack of quality time with close friends doing what we love most." Regrettably, Will Fraser died suddenly in March of this year. He was a man of character and a character of a man.
Sun, sea, food and good company. A combination which ensures that the Nude Adventure in Marlborough is a great annual event. The BBQ CAT was choice of vessel this year and the trip into the Marlborough Sounds had everyone, including Janie, who wrote about her own experience, thinking about next year’s event.
February’s full moon shone on a good number of ‘Freddy Bares’ as they dashed into a cool Pacific. Joyce Fleming added her usual flair and contributed a song to celebrate the joyous occasion.
We’re a busy lot in the ‘Mainland’ and the Orchard Sun Club in Central Otago is no exception. The annual K-Cup Yankee Miniten Tournament and World Naked Bike Ride were both held in Middlemarch in the middle of March.
Many thanks to all our wonderful contributors and readers who continue to support gonatural magazine.
Keep smiling, keep warm.
Kay Hannam
Managing Editor

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

35th International Congress of Naturism

Every two years the International Naturist Federation (INF) have a World Congress which is hosted by different Federations around the world. In September 2014, the INF and Delegates will meet at a village called Drumshanbo in Ireland.   

We are excited to announce that the NZNF are in the process of submitting a bid to host the 2016 World Congress of Naturism here in New Zealand at Wellington Naturist Club on the dates of November 16th to 20th.

The Steering Committee for the NZNF bid comprises of Kay Hannam, June Campbell-Tong and Donna Miller who report to Ken Mercer (Wellington Naturist Club President) and Wendy Lowe (NZNF President). 

The weekend of 22nd and 23rd March saw the Steering Committee meet together at WNC to brainstorm ideas, discuss progress and take video footage around the club in Wellington. 

Kay Hannam and June Campbell-Tong had met the previous day with Tourism New Zealand and Absolutely Positively Wellington so had some extremely exciting news to share regarding the support of these organisations and their offer of collateral and funding to ensure we win the honour of hosting the 2016 Congress.

TNZ are so excited about our proposed bid and about working with us and want to do everything possible to assist us in bringing the congress and delegates to our country.

As well as funding, they have offered the guidance and assistance from an Events Manager (or Professional Conference Organiser) along with professional promotional/marketing collateral and a DVD presentation to Delegates at the 2014 Congress in Ireland. TNZ are putting a complete video presentation together along with professional, stunning footage and images of New Zealand scenery and will freight this and all promotional material to Ireland.

We are blown away by the support that TNZ are offering and look forward to working with them and gleaning all the information and assistance they can provide so that our bid, and hopefully the 2016 Congress, will be the most successful possible. I’m sure you will understand and appreciate how this generous assistance has inspired us greatly and boosted our anticipation and expectation for submitting the NZNF bid.

From registration to venue facilities and accommodation options - our plan is to have a world-class business event and cultural experience. We aim to make travel information and bookings for attendees professional and easy - with no detail missed.

The next step in this process is for a financial feasibility study to be conducted then TNZ will prepare and produce the bid document and logo/banner design, along with the DVD, brochures and collateral packs.

We are currently working on the theme for the congress as being "Naturist Tourism" and this is a big opportunity in our country and worldwide, so we are hoping for additional ideas and concepts from TNZ.

The steering committee are in overdrive meeting with the appropriate mentors and preparing everything required for the bid - although an enormous amount of work has been lifted off our shoulders which will make our work as keen volunteers a lot easier and the result more professional.

As with any team, we need the support of all naturists in New Zealand so there are many ways that you and your club can help. 
  • We want to include a product unique or known to each region in the Welcome Packs for the Delegates. You might know of something or have contacts to a supplier and this will be invaluable to us.
  • Some of the Delegates and Council might arrange to stay at your club en-route to the Congress or as they travel around the country afterwards. You could provide your own short video, Powerpoint presentation or photos of your club facilities that we can include in information being provided to them via newsletters and email communication. 
  • We have 28 months until the congress so you should start working on and implementing a plan for upgrading areas around your club to a more international standard for the visitors.
  • If you have ideas on our Naturist Tourism theme or have contact with someone well known (or better still, internationally recognisable) who would be a great keynote speaker along this theme, that would be very much welcomed.
A Facebook page has been set up to keep you informed with our ideas and plans - "like" it and share it with your networks so you can be updated as things happen.

Please join with us and assist us with this very important project to bring the - “35th International Congress of Naturism” to New Zealand on 16th to 20th November 2016.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Turning Tide...?

Today I received and saved another media story on the topic of naturism.

Each year at their AGM, the NZNF presents a number of Press Prizes and one of the awards is for Best Article selected from non-naturist media, so for this purpose I ensure a copy of all media stories on naturism are kept on file.

This year the file is growing at an astonishing rate, but not for the reasons that you might think. 

So far, nine non-naturist media stories have been added and they are all, on the whole, positive. One has a very disappointing headline - which has been addressed with the newspaper involved - but all the journalists have displayed a good understanding in the content of the article of genuine naturists and the naturist lifestyle.

Two journalists have even written of their own recent experiences at a club or naturist park and one of those stories has so far made it into two major newspapers around the country - in the Escape section of one newspaper and in the "LIFE" lift-out magazine in the other! 

They say the best form of advertising is word of mouth. No price can pay for the sort of exposure stories like this can get us. And, without prompting, they recognised the place for such an article is in lifestyle sections like "escape" and "life". This goes right along with some of the philosophies we try to explain that naturism is about and we couldn't have put it better! 

In years gone past, a lot of the articles have been around tensions at recognised clothing optional beaches where recently arrived residents have been up in arms about the nude beach-goers. And last year there were very few media stories at all.

So what can we read into the spate of more positive, almost inquisitively themed, stories?

It might be too soon to say, but I would love to think that there is a turn in society towards tolerance of all people and all lifestyles. That even though naturism is not necessarily something everyone wants to take part in, that those who do are not shunned or thought of as weird or even perverts. 

Regardless of how long this current "love affair" with the media continues, the NZNF intends to make the most of their seeming understanding and acceptance towards naturism. 

We will continue to call them on misleading headlines and incorrect content, but we will also acknowledge and thank them when they get it right and regard the subject with objective intelligence and thoughtfulness.

So, what do you think? Are we seeing the start of a turning tide...? 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What Does Naturism Mean To You?

Naturism, nudism, skinny-dipping, clothes-free! It might have a lot of names but just one meaning…nude recreation! Non-sexual nudity.

What words would you use to describe what naturism means to you? 

You don't have to use the same words as everyone else - each person and their experience is real and unique to them.

Membership to a club doesn't mean that you're suddenly a naturist. And just because you prefer to only go without clothes at home doesn't mean that you aren't. 

It is not important whether you stroll along a nude beach or garden au naturel with the sun on your skin and the breeze in your hair. 

What is important is the freedom you feel and the benefits - which are numerous - that you discover in your body and mind. 

Why not share the words you would use to describe what naturism/nudism/clothes-free means to might help someone to find their own words of what naturism means to them.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Going back to study...

In an attempt to connect with young people and share with them the joys and benefits of nude recreation and enjoying life naked, I contacted the tertiary organisations in the Auckland area. It's Orientation Week for a lot of these institutions so they are holding events and club information days/expos.

Today, with the help of Rick the Auckland region contact for Free Beaches NZ Inc. we set up a stall at Unitec Institute of Technology and chatted for four hours to students and staff and handed out flyers - starting with 100, coming home with 39.

What was our message? That it's not illegal; that it's beneficial for the body and mind; that it's a great way to unwind; that it brings you close to nature; and so much more. We talked about skinny-dipping and about being able to enjoy the experience at any time in appropriate places - and not just in the middle of the night after you've had a few. And we talked about the mutual respect and understanding amongst genuine naturists. 

The response was wide and varied as I suppose you could imagine. 

There were giggles and sniggers; there was polite consideration and genuine interest; and there were some shocked "goodness no thank you"s and some wouldn't even look at us. But each one left with a smile and a friendly experience.

At one stage in life I would have giggled behind my hand too so have to understand their reactions - especially in front of their friends. But, for lack of another metaphor, the seed has been sown and you just don't know when it will grow. 

We chatted to people of all cultures - from Asian and Indian to Island students. We even got a group of Island boys to hand some flyers out. 

We found the organiser very accommodating and supportive and would love to have us back again. The flyers we came home with will be sent to the student associations of tertiary organisations around the country in the hope they will put them on a noticeboard where even one student might see it and become interested. 

It was a lot of fun and I believe very valuable. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

gonatural Magazine Issue #228 March 2014

The latest issue of gonatural Magazine has been printed and will shortly be on its way to all subscribers around the country, and the world. To subscribe go to - there is a both printed and digital magazine available.

Here is the editorial direct from the Managing Editor's desk in the just printed next issue of gonatural Magazine:

In this letter, I thought I would deviate from my usual manner of introducing this issue’s features. Mainly because there is such a varied number of interesting items, I couldn’t do them all justice and so decided to just touch on a few. Although I have to say I take my hat off to the 740 plus skinny dippers who broke the world record at Midway Beach in Gisborne. A big thank you to The Edge Radio Network for providing a fantastic cover photo for this issue.

Another amazing milestone was celebrated by June Campbell-Tong, at the Wellington Naturist Club at Te Marua, in November last year. June has clocked up 50 years as a naturist. June, who is our National Secretary, joined NZNF Communications Officer and me for a ‘roadie’ last year to the picturesque Tripp Settlement School grounds where members of the South Canterbury Sun Club welcomed us and several other visitors for their 40th Anniversary party.
Travelling the inland route to Geraldine, we stopped off at Oxford for lunch and the first of our steering group discussions to formulate the NZNF bid to host the INF World Congress 2016 here in New Zealand.
It appears I missed a fantastic Roman Rotota Campout and all the fun and games; chariot racing, ballista (google it), slave auctions and gladiator challenges to name a few.
Now - here we are in February with more fun events being held at many venues around the country, some of which are notified in the What’s On page.
Which reminds me to ask you to send me notification of your forthcoming events. Our visitors would like to know what is happening here in New Zealand and would join you if they saw the information in gonatural.
So now I will leave you to browse at will and read about all the other interesting activities that have been keeping everybody happy in our naturist community.
Kay Hannam
Managing Editor

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Skinny-dip Down a Moonbeam

Have you every tried skinny-dipping? How about skinny-dipping down a moonbeam?

Well, this Saturday February 15th, you could try depending!

It will be a beautiful full moon that rises at 8:04pm on Saturday February 15th and the forecast for much of the country is looking mild if possibly even clear skies.

Why not get a bunch of friends and head to a beach near you, cast off your clothes and swim in the shimmering light the moon casts along the water as it rises above the horizon.

You could continue the Valentine's Day romance from the previous day, have a lovely picnic on the beach while awaiting the moonrise and then slip into the water discovering the magical experience of its silky warmness directly on your skin.

And if you aren't near a beach you could always try a river like this group in the photo on the Wairau River.

This event is promoted by Free Beaches NZ Inc. and more details are available on their website at:

And for more information on the benefits of skinny-dipping and naturism go to:

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

63rd NZNF Naturist Festival - Rapere, Hawkes Bay 2014/15

Every year the NZNF holds a National Festival to coincide with their AGM.  The festival runs for 7 days from 28 December to 3 January with the host club presenting themed entertainment each day and evening.
The Festival is a chance to reconnect with old friends and to make some new ones…a time to relax and "reboot” enjoying clothes-free recreation together.
This year the 63rd NZNF Festival will be hosted by Hawkes Bay Naturist Club at their grounds in Rapere, Rissington, north of Napier.


The theme for the festival this year is "Rapere Film Festival".

The programme will be well as a full sports programme, there will be movie-themed nights and outdoor movies, a Casino evening and Blues, Brews & all sounds very interesting doesn't it.  

The organising team is working hard to make this event even more memorable than Hawkes Bay's last NZNF festival - A Taste of the Bay which was in 2011.

The Rapere Film Festival registration form is available now from their website.
For as little as $150 p/person ($140 p/person if paid in full by 31 October 2014) you can treat yourself to a wonderful clothes-free holiday from 28 December 2014 until 3 January 2015 on the tranquil Hawkes Bay Naturist Club grounds.

Monday, January 20, 2014

This is my story...

Recently I received a fantastic email from a reader of this blog in response to my article about attracting the younger generation. The writer gave insight from his own experience and that of his wife, whom he described as a reluctant naturist, about how young people think and what they are looking for - or equally important, what they aren't.

He wrote also about how "women often help other women out" in relation to the reluctant partner and making them feel more comfortable in nude social settings. And it is this point that I would like to take up and tell…my story...for gonatural Week!

Hi, my name is Donna and I am - but haven't always been - a naturist. 

My parents brought me up deeply religious and we went to church, until my mid teens, three times on a Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as youth group on a Saturday. The 12 or so years after that were spent almost as occupied with things Christian - church twice on a Sunday, youth group on a Saturday and music practice (being the church pianist) once a week.

As you can imagine, nude recreation would have been far far from my just wasn't a concept I was brought up with or even aware of. Televisions and even secular radio stations were frowned upon and we were separated from "the real world" immersing ourselves only with everything church - excluding all else.

My parents were clearly conservative, however around the home, they were always open...neither Mum or Dad hid away their nakedness or showed us that nudity was anything to be ashamed of - but we knew that was okay just for home.

During one family holiday to Cooks Beach (I was about 13 years old) and a day trip to Cathedral Cove our family was joined on the beach by what became apparent as European tourists who, much to my lovely father's horror, proceeded to undress and have awesome fun setting up their picnic, running in and out of the water, and throwing a frisby around. Dad tried to distract the attention of me, and my younger brother and sister...but there is only so much you can find interesting about the Hole in the Rock at that age! That was my first experience with social nudity.

So, fast-forward quite a few years...I'm newly married...we got married in Fiji so this was our wedding and our honeymoon. We organised to go on the Honeymoon Picnic where you get dropped at an isolated island (the one filmed in the movie Castaway) with food for the day, a first-aid kit, and a walkie-talkie in urgent assistance was required. Anyway, this is when and where I found that my husband had no problems going nude outside...and I did. 

After that experience we began going to nude or clothing optional beaches. I was the reluctant partner. Often I would finally be down to my underpants when it was time to leave! Each time however got a little easier...well, mostly it was that I didn't want to let him down by being the party pooper and likely creating a scene by taking so painfully long. My husband had spent time as a teen visiting his father - who was a naturist - even going to the 1979 Gisborne Rally so was quite comfortable without clothes. But he was very understanding and never pushed.

6 years ago we booked to stay at KatikatiNaturist Park for a few nights on our way back home after Christmas and New Year in Napier. Oh the nervousness! I drove the 3 hours there...I just needed to concentrate on something else and take my mind off what I was about to do. I'd warned my husband that I was just going to stay in the cabin and relax and not walk around anywhere with him. However, when we arrived I was truly taken by the place. It really wasn't long at all before we went for our first wander, exploring the grounds, nervously, almost terrifiedly waving at those we passed trying to put on a brave "I'm a seasoned naked person...nothing special to see here" smile. 

A couple of days later there were discussions of buying caravans, making the trip down from Auckland every weekend, and fully buying into the naturist lifestyle they provide. Then within days, of arriving home, we contacted the club we now belong to for a visit, became members and within a couple of months brought a caravan there which we now enjoy...every weekend.

Just being honest, I actually like clothes...even nice clothes. And I'm sometimes, okay often, cold. I don't feel like "oh I can't wait to get these clothes off" all the time!

But, I am no longer reluctant. Naturism and nudity are part of my life and I embrace the benefits I receive in my body, my mind and also in my soul. 

For me, the attraction first probably came with the setting...the privacy and safety of the club...the closeness to nature with native trees, birdlife, and even the weather. From there it didn't take long to realise I actually enjoyed the feel of the breeze on my entire body and gardening or working around the caravan without clothes. The awkwardness of talking to people without my clothes on left quickly - everyone was so genuine and welcoming - and I began to enjoy socialising more with fellow members in the nude. 

Today, my greatest enjoyment comes from introducing people to clothes-free(dom) living so they can experience the joys and benefits it holds for themselves. But I understand, having once been the reluctant partner myself, that it can take time for people to feel comfortable. So allow yourself time to truly experience the freedom and if at first you don't fully relax then give it another go. I'm sure you will soon wonder why you didn't enjoy it sooner. 

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day Without Bathing Suits

Almost seven years ago, the Spanish Naturist Federation held the very first Day Without Bathing Suits event and promoted it to all Spaniards and tourists in Spain, to be held on the third Sunday in July. 

The initiative was highly successful and a few years later the 2010 INF World Congress in Italy declared this as an International Day. 

Now you don't need to be told that the third Sunday of July here in New Zealand is always pretty cold indeed. However, the New Zealand Naturist Federation and Free Beaches New Zealand are declaring the Southern Hemisphere equivalent of the third Saturday of January as Day Without Bathing Suits day - the event nicely kicking off our annual national gonatural Week to a great start.

Hence, on Saturday January 18th 2014, go to a beach near you and sunbathe or swim in the nude - without soggy toggys! 

In New Zealand, it is not illegal to be naked in appropriate public places, such as beaches. It is not the lack of clothes that is the issue but the behaviour that goes with it. The New Zealand Naturist Federation and Free Beaches New Zealand fosters your choice of sunbathing with or without swimsuits and want to increase greater acceptance of nudity by the general population. 

We want this to be a day where tolerance and respect to everyone is practised - nudity is an option same as wearing a swimsuit, bikini or going topless - we are all just sunbathers or swimmers.     

If you wish to go to a recognised clothes-free or optional beach, the Free Beaches New Zealand website has the location of these. 

To find out more about the naturist community in New Zealand and frequently asked questions, check out the New Zealand Naturist Federation website