Sunday, February 23, 2014

gonatural Magazine Issue #228 March 2014

The latest issue of gonatural Magazine has been printed and will shortly be on its way to all subscribers around the country, and the world. To subscribe go to - there is a both printed and digital magazine available.

Here is the editorial direct from the Managing Editor's desk in the just printed next issue of gonatural Magazine:

In this letter, I thought I would deviate from my usual manner of introducing this issue’s features. Mainly because there is such a varied number of interesting items, I couldn’t do them all justice and so decided to just touch on a few. Although I have to say I take my hat off to the 740 plus skinny dippers who broke the world record at Midway Beach in Gisborne. A big thank you to The Edge Radio Network for providing a fantastic cover photo for this issue.

Another amazing milestone was celebrated by June Campbell-Tong, at the Wellington Naturist Club at Te Marua, in November last year. June has clocked up 50 years as a naturist. June, who is our National Secretary, joined NZNF Communications Officer and me for a ‘roadie’ last year to the picturesque Tripp Settlement School grounds where members of the South Canterbury Sun Club welcomed us and several other visitors for their 40th Anniversary party.
Travelling the inland route to Geraldine, we stopped off at Oxford for lunch and the first of our steering group discussions to formulate the NZNF bid to host the INF World Congress 2016 here in New Zealand.
It appears I missed a fantastic Roman Rotota Campout and all the fun and games; chariot racing, ballista (google it), slave auctions and gladiator challenges to name a few.
Now - here we are in February with more fun events being held at many venues around the country, some of which are notified in the What’s On page.
Which reminds me to ask you to send me notification of your forthcoming events. Our visitors would like to know what is happening here in New Zealand and would join you if they saw the information in gonatural.
So now I will leave you to browse at will and read about all the other interesting activities that have been keeping everybody happy in our naturist community.
Kay Hannam
Managing Editor

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Skinny-dip Down a Moonbeam

Have you every tried skinny-dipping? How about skinny-dipping down a moonbeam?

Well, this Saturday February 15th, you could try depending!

It will be a beautiful full moon that rises at 8:04pm on Saturday February 15th and the forecast for much of the country is looking mild if possibly even clear skies.

Why not get a bunch of friends and head to a beach near you, cast off your clothes and swim in the shimmering light the moon casts along the water as it rises above the horizon.

You could continue the Valentine's Day romance from the previous day, have a lovely picnic on the beach while awaiting the moonrise and then slip into the water discovering the magical experience of its silky warmness directly on your skin.

And if you aren't near a beach you could always try a river like this group in the photo on the Wairau River.

This event is promoted by Free Beaches NZ Inc. and more details are available on their website at:

And for more information on the benefits of skinny-dipping and naturism go to: