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Monday, December 4, 2017

Love the Skin You're In

This year the New Zealand Naturist Federation are creating a powerful summer campaign to create awareness of the benefits of naturism to a person's body, mind and soul.
The concept is "Love the Skin You're In" which aligns to our gonatural brand tag-line of ‘health and well-being’ and will focus on two really important issues that many are faced with today - positive body image and mental health awareness - and sometimes these are interlinked.
Body image is the mental representation that one creates of themselves, and because it is subject to all kinds of internal elements like our mood, our experiences and social attitudes, it often doesn't bear any close relation to reality or how others see you.   
A negative body image is one of the key reasons that more people do not embrace the naturist lifestyle. They mightn't have any issue with nudity per se and might even realise the many benefits that can be experienced physically from being clothes-free, but think it's only for other people feeling too self conscious or body shamed to partake themselves. Many of our members can attest to having similar feelings and issues with acceptance of their body before embarking on their naturist journey however almost as soon as they took that first step, or at least very early on, they found they were looking at themselves through  very different eyes. 
Self-esteem is greatly enhanced in the naturist lifestyle and our own self-esteem increases when we accept ourselves for who we really are. However, it isn't until a person gives it a try, that they can experience that concept for themselves. 
A negative body image can, but not always, lead to mental health issues. Writing about mental health can put it in a box rather than creating context around it somewhat trivialising the issue which is not our intention. One thing we know is that each sufferer and their symptoms are unique and individual. From depression and anxiety to stress and grief, mental health affects those close to most of us at some time in our life.
Hardly a week or day goes by where we don't hear of another person who has ended, or tried to end, the pain they are experiencing from their internal struggles. Sadly this often, although not exclusively, affects our men and young people. 
Wouldn't a better story be to show the effects and benefits that naturism can bring a person; being close to nature, feeling the breeze over all of your body and not just your face; hearing the sounds of nature and song of birds in the trees; grounding yourself to the earth by walking with bare feet on the grass.     
Researchers are discovering that vitamin D may play an important role in mental health and in depression and recently the Mental Health Foundation held their annual Mental Health Awareness Week with the theme again being"Nature is Key". It is being recognised that nature, sun and feeling free in the fresh air are important elements to helping a person towards better mental health.
In addition to this is the sense of community and caring that can be found throughout our member organisations where respect and acceptance of every person is evident and part of our naturist principles.
We do not expect that naturism is the one cure-all for every sufferer (it might be and that would be awesome), but we do believe clothes-free recreation and getting close to nature could form part of a person's journey to whole health that they possibly hadn't considered before.
Remember as a young child . . . the seemingly endless days of summer; the sprinkler going in the backyard; off come your clothes; the squeals of delight as you run through the water; jumping in the puddles; the feel of water, sun and breeze on your bare skin; the innocent fun and pure joy?
Our aim this summer is to share how everyone can experience the innocent joy, freedom and benefits that naturism brings to enhance their well-being, and to love the skin they're in.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Introducing the New gonatural Magazine Team

Following the recent resignation of gonatural Magazine's long standing Managing Editor Kay Hannam, we are thrilled to announce that the magazine has been transferred from one superstar into the hands of a team of enthusiastic professionals. 

Noel Thomas takes on the role of Business Manager and provides production services as well as administrative and accounting services. Noel first joined Pineglades Naturist Club in 1991 and has served on the committee for a total of 12 years. 6 of those years were as President, 5 as Treasurer and he is currently in the Buildings Maintenance position. He has also served a 2 year term as South Island Vice President for the NZNF. He and his wife love to travel and during their visits to Europe have visited a number of Naturist Resorts in France, Croatia and Spain.

Michael Moore has been a naturist for more than 25 years and has hosted over 300 international Couch Surfing guests to his nudist home.  He has visited naturist groups, clubs and beaches in UK, Germany, Australia and Asia.  In Wellington and Cairns, he established Sunboys, a social nudist group, and worked with local Council to access public swimming pool for naturists. He is a member of Pineglades Naturist Club in Christchurch. Michael is a strong advocate of community and grass-roots engagement and values sharing of positive stories.  Michael brings with him 30 years of public relations, publishing and journalism experience in the non-profit community and corporate sectors. 

Your stories and supporting images are always welcomed for addition to the next available edition of the magazine so please email with these. 

The magazine can only continue with your subscription and support. Please subscribe now at to receive either the printed or digital version of the magazine.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Merci and Au Revior Kay

This September 2015 issue #234 marks Kay Hannam's final, as editor of 35 editions of gonatural Magazine.

In January 2007 Kay was appointed as Editor of gonatural magazine following on from Conrad Inskip who resigned due to ill health. For more than 8 years, Kay has fitted editing and publishing the magazine around running and growing a successful naturist holiday park with partner Brian Williams, taking extended trips throughout Europe, and promoting the naturist lifestyle in New Zealand and worldwide.

gonatural Magazine began in 1956 as an eight page black and white quarterly publication. The first issue that Kay put together, with help, tips and advice from former editor Les Olsen and his wife Laurel, was a 24 page publication with four colour centre pages. Today the magazine has developed to 44 pages of full colour goodness, including a digital edition, and is almost entirely dedicated to New Zealand naturism with regular contributors submitting interesting articles of their travels and experiences. 

Being a contributor to gonatural Magazine and other naturist magazines around the world, is what began the transformation of Kay’s writing from hobby to career. Travelling extensively throughout Europe, Kay was keen to see her experiences in print so with her companion and partner Brian, an avid photographer, she began to pen their adventures and submitting her articles.

Since late in 2007, Kay has not just edited the magazine, but published, distributed and managed the accounts and in 2009 she entered into a formal contract with the NZNF and became the Managing Editor.

Even when not pressured with a camp ground full of visitors, an upcoming trip away or administrative duties pending, editing and publishing the magazine can be a heavy and daunting task - thank goodness for her patient and understanding partner. But Kay, through her disciplined work ethics and excellent time management skills, has continued to grow magazine readership, along with contributions to the magazines, with submissions for her penultimate issue exceeding the page space available.

It is with much sadness that we must bid farewell to Kay as Managing Editor, but with enormous gratitude for her many years of incredible service and contribution to the magazine and wider naturist community. We have much appreciation also for the healthy state in which the magazine will be handed over to the new team which will manage, edit and publish it going forward.

We hope that Kay enjoys many further trips to Europe with Brian, without working around the magazine, and wish them both safe and happy travels. We look forward to reading more of their travels and experiences in future issues of gonatural…the next chapter.

Bon voyage and au revoir.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

gonatural Magazine Issue #234 September 2015

Editors Letter:

Is going naked the new black? Michael Moore continues his article by asking another question “What is the single biggest reason why naturism isn’t a growing thriving movement?” I’ll leave you to decide if he has the right answer. Perhaps you would like to respond in the next issue with solutions of your own?
John Mullen was a naturist for 45 years having joined the Otago Sun & Health Club in 1969. He died in June aged 82. The naturist community express their love and condolences to his wife, Joyce, and their family.
Who would have thought it? Almost nine years ago I was asked if I would take on the position of Editor of this magazine. Thank you to Donna 
Miller who beautifully describes this chapter in my life.
Combining his passions of photography, life drawing and naturism Jeff Norman brought the West Auckland Life Drawing Group to Oranui. The visit provided a great opportunity for members to see the Club.
Steve Webster describes an idyllic weekend at Waiongana. Who could ask for more? 
Sun, sea, long walks on the beach, mussels, paua, a swim in the pool, pizzas and beer. All with good company in Taranaki.
I’ve heard the mid-winter plunge described in many ways, but 
“just another day“? John Lowe kicks off the collage of chilly experiences reported from around the country.
Looking for a base to stay while exploring the beautiful Bay of Islands and the Far North, Mike Ward located Waitata Naturist Resort. Situated near the charming little heritage town of Russell, once the Capital of New Zealand, this stunning location has its own naturist beach.
“You can leave your hat on.” Thus the anniversary wall at Vantan was named by Vanessa. Daniel Jackson’s super photo on our front cover complements his article about their 75th celebrations in Canada. 
First held in 2001, the Nude Golf International was initially played on the Balmoral 
golf course near Lake Tekapo. This year at the scenic course in Wairau Valley, Lindsay 
Parkyns became the first Australian to win the magnificent trophy heading off twenty other competitors.
Peter Jackson was adamant after discovering this remote high country location, that there was no reason to look outside the country for locations for Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit as he considered New Zealand “the perfect Middle-earth”. Michael Moore’s exploration to Erewhon will convince you he was right.
40 minutes from the Gold Coast airport at Coolangatta, and 90 minutes drive from Brisbane and with the beach only ten minutes away, BB at Byron Bay, Australia’s newest naturist accommodation, is aptly described as a “hidden treasure.”
“The Naked Village”, a documentary on Spielplatz - the oldest naturist club in Britain and shown  by TV ONE. John Lowe ended his review with the comment; “I find myself forced back to another cliché: all publicity is good publicity - sorry!”
I would like to thank all the individuals and organisations who assisted me in my role as Managing Editor of gonatural; especially the contributors of some amazing articles and stunning photographs (let’s not forget the models) who have helped shape this magazine; the printers, distributors, my proof-reader, rural post, valued advertisers and readers. And finally the one person that allowed me to put it all together; my rock, Brian Williams.
I am excited for the future of the magazine with the confirmation of the new gonatural team: Manager Noel Thomas; and Editor Michael Moore will introduce themselves in the next issue.
I’m off to pack my suitcase.                                                      
Kay Hannam
Managing Editor

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Anti-Censorship Statement

The New Zealand Naturist Federation is a member based affiliate organisation that is in turn affiliated to the International Naturist Federation.

The following is a statement regarding censorship issued by the International Naturist Federation for distribution to all media within Federation countries.

The International Naturist Federation opposes all censorship of the natural human body. Nudity is a fundamental expression of naturism. The human body in its natural state is neither indecent nor obscene. As evidenced by over a century of naturist experience and an abundance of scholarly research, mere nudity is not inherently any more sexual than a body concealed by clothing.

We are particularly concerned about increasing censorship of nudity in social media. Services such as Facebook have become so ubiquitous that they are effectively public spaces. We urge governments to regulate these services to secure free speech and prevent the suppression of ideas through ethnocentric censorship policies.

For more information about naturism in New Zealand, please visit our website or email

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

gonatural Magazine Issue #233 June 2015

Editor's Letter:

This magazine is packed with an exciting range of events and activities held over the summer. For the first time in my experience as editor, an excess of interesting articles arrived in my mailbox. Those items that didn’t make it will be featured in the September issue.
The steering committee of next year’s World Congress of Naturism are aware that many of you wish to be involved and have outlined a number of ways in which you can help; in addition, the announcement of an International Photographic Competition to be held in conjunction with the Congress.
Andrew and Donna Miller, are the new gonatural Product Merchandisers and have updated the range of products advertised on the website.
An update from NZNF President Wendy Lowe precedes the news that New Zealand Naturists have a new Secretary, Christine Bowers; plus NZNF Webmaster. Hans van Asperdt provides further answers to questions about your websites.
In Takaka for the World Naked Bike Ride, Daniel Jackson commented  “riding in the cold rain is a bit like swimming in cold water”. Paul Campion, from Waitati, wrote “a non-catastrophic ride ended at the beach”.
Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club members hold periodic working bees to weed and plant the Oranui Bush Block, described by Robin Pennell as a “living treasure”.
Peter Woods and his mates now know how wonderful Rotota is, having spent the day exploring the hot thermal stream and waterfall and traversing The Squeeze. Located in the State Forest, Kaimai-Mamaku Forest Park, Ngatuhoa Lodge provided a relaxing few days in January for Cynthia McKenzie and several naturist friends.
Central Otago and Southland areas are renowned for incredible scenery which Possum captures vividly both in word and film. The Naked Overlanders Southern Sojourn held special significance this year as it began with the unveiling of a memorial to a dear friend.
Back up in the Far North, Rolf and Jose Comez found the ideal beach tocreate a unique Christmas card. Still in the Far North, John Lowe joined a new group, Northland  Naturists, who, for a three day visit over Waitangi Weekend found an idyllic site tucked away at the end of a road that goes nowhere… NUDVAN held a hot pools safari. The convoy,  which began near the hot water beach at Kawhia, included John Bowers and his wife Christine.
Marlborough’s Nude Adventure was all about style as our group of happy naturists enjoyed a dinner cruise on The River Queen, with a return trip from Wai-natur in a luxury coach.
The Coast to Coast Challenge between members of Taranaki and Hawkes Bay naturist clubs was hotly contested, and was best described by Wendy Lowe as a draw.
The End seems a funny way to start a story, but after ten years Ruth and Rod Pegg of Skinny Dip Tours have completed their final tour, leaving a gap for host clubs and naturist facilities and more especially for their guests who invariably asked ‘book us for next year please’.
This publication can best be described as ‘my penultimate issue’ of gonatural magazine. At the end of September a new team will take over as Manager and Editor. Among the many reasons … it’s time for change.
Kay Hannam
Managing Editor

Thursday, April 9, 2015

2016 INF Congress Update - April 2015


The Congress Steering Committee met together in Wellington recently, to collaborate on details and plans for the congress which is now just 18 months away.

While the Steering Committee carry out much of the required planning by email, Skype and their shared project management app called Asana, meeting together in one place is invaluable.

Considerable progress was achieved over the weekend which included visits to possible off-site accommodation for overflow options and briefings, including a workshop, with Wellington Naturist Club, who are hosting the Congress.
As hosts, Wellington Naturist Club is looking to present their club to the highest standard they possibly can. This is something that all clubs should also be looking to do with many of the Delegates travelling around our country before and after the Congress.
The Steering Committee left after a full weekend of discussions and meetings with even more tasks but reinvigorated, focussed and excited.
A promotional video of WNC has been created and streamed on both the NZNF and WNC website and a Facebook friendly version is also on our FB page.
Covered in further detail below are the Congress draft programme, roles and responsibilities of the Steering Committee  along with details of the areas that assistance is required in, so please read on.

Draft Programme:

Thursday 17 November
Opening Ceremony & Cultural welcome - approx. 4pm
Keynote/INF speeches
Photographic Competition - for duration of Congress Dinner: Hangi
Friday 18 November Business Meeting
Dinner: Spit roast (WNC Catered)
Saturday 19 November Business meeting
Dinner: Gala Dinner/Dance (outside caterers)
Sunday  20 November Business session (if required)
Optional Excursion

How You Can Help...

Helpers are required leading up to and during the congress to ensure the event is a success and delegates enjoy themselves. So please let us know now in which area of expertise you would like to help.
Here are a few suggestions:

  • Catering – Morning/afternoon teas, breakfasts (continental), lunches, spit roast dinner
  • Hall setup – tables/chairs, meeting rooms
  • Club Works – Hygiene, spa/sauna/pool, refuse and recycling
  • Security/Traffic control
  • Registration
  • Delegate goodie bags
  • Drivers / Meet & greet
  • Marketing/Sponsorship
Contact Kay Hannam outlining your area of expertise, your own suggestions and how you would like to help:

Steering Committee Responsibilities:

Kay  –  Chair INF Liaison

June Catering

Donna Marketing/Promotions
Hall setup/Decoration                        

Follow the Progress:

To subscribe to our regular Congress newsletter please email and ask to be added to the list.

Like our Congress Facebook Page which has regular updates about New Zealand and the 2016 event.