Friday, September 28, 2018

Nude Gardening Day

New Zealand will hold its first 'National Gardening Week Nude Gardening Day' on October 20th this year. 

National Garden Week, brought to you by Yates NZ, is held in the middle of October each year and this year, for the first time, is including Nude Gardening Day in its line up of activities. 

Following publicity in May this year of World Naked Gardening Day and the Southern Hemisphere conditions being less than favourable for gardening without clothes in New Zealand, a decision was made to shift the date to a more inviting time of year. 

After an approach by Yates NZ, we decided to align our nude gardening event with their National Gardening Week which has goals - fostering a love of gardening with a focus on growing not only plants but friendships, good health, strong communities and closer connections with nature - very similar to the fundamentals of naturism. 

This year, National Gardening Week is focussing on helping butterflies to flourish with a national Swan Plant planting day on October 20th. Butterflies, including the much loved Monarch Butterfly, are key pollinators for our fruit and veges. Last year saw a national shortage of Swan Plants, the main diet of Monarch caterpillars, causing a large number of the population to be wiped out and Yates is getting behind the drive to avert a similar crisis this year. 

The NZNF are thrilled to be onboard with this event, doing our bit to boost butterfly numbers, and highlighting the many benefits of getting outside clothes-fee for a person's mental and physical health and well-being. 

Many of our clubs around the country will be joining the Swan Plant planting day event and we hope that many of you will participate in Nude Gardening Day wherever you can also.