Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer is going - so what now?

Summer is going, so what now?

Do we just hide away until the temperatures have returned to a level more compatible with the naturist lifestyle? No, definitely not.

There are so many opportunities and ways to continue clothes free activities in winter too - and planning your next naturist escape is just one of them. You could take a trip to a resort in northern Australia, or go even further afield to a naturist location in Europe.

OR you could get adventurous in your own back yard!

Many naturist clubs in New Zealand have regular spa or sauna afternoons/evenings, and lots have themed fancy dress social events - both of which are great ways to socialise, meeting new people, whiling away those winter hours. Then there's always the cheeky mid-winter swim! Check out the list of "what's on" featured on our website.

Those who live near Auckland have the benefit of the Parakai Springs Naturist Night (the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month) or the Palm Springs Hot Pool and Spa Night (the last Saturday of each month) towards Helensville - north-west of the city.

A long weekend or week stay at a club or naturist resort like Katikati Naturist Park or at a B&B like Wai-natur  gives the opportunity for a change of scenery along with comforts like spas or saunas close at hand. Check out the list of locations around New Zealand on our website.

And closer to home, why not work on ways you can create "hot spots" in your own space so that you can enjoy the freedom of wearing no clothes even while the rain is pouring outside? You could cover in a patio or terrace with plastic "curtains" and instal a standing outdoor heater or gas run brazier? The feeling of liberation enjoying the warmth against your skin while outside it's freezing. Make the house super warm and invite friends around for a mid-winter luncheon and games afternoon.

Gardening and doing physical outdoor jobs will keep you warm even on a sunny winter's day - so do it without clothes and it will warm your heart as well.

Whatever you do, the fun is not over. We might have to take it indoors for a while and swap a cold beer and crisp wine for hot chocolate and mulled wine, but there is much you can still do.

Although you can't beat lying on a beach soaking up the sun, that isn't all naturism is about. It's a year round lifestyle - a way of life, a state of being - and we are creative people who can adjust to the conditions. Don't ask "what now?" but "why not!" and dare to be bare - all year!