Wednesday, November 12, 2014

For Health and Well-being...

Last weekend I completed a Half Marathon - my 7th in fact in as many years.

I am not a naturally sporty person and my time was no amazing feat. I am just a middle aged woman who is trying to look after herself and do something that challenges and stretches me, but that also isn't out of the realms of possibility. I walk my half marathons, I don't attempt to run them - even though many people well in advanced of my age do and good on them. 

Another thing I do for my physical health and well-being is get as much vitamin D as possible via sunshine while doing my normal daily activities - such as gardening or housework - while unclothed.

I am lucky because I can do some of my training walking around the roads of the naturist club that my husband and I belong to. It can get a bit repetitive and boring doing a number of the same 1.25km circuits, but it ticks both boxes - training and clothes-free recreation.

With my recent training, I have had the New Zealand Naturist Federation tag-line going over and over in my head..."For Health and Well-being"!

My body and mind benefit in so many ways - apart from the obvious.
  • I feel the breeze and sunlight on my skin - this frees my mind and makes me exhale and breathe out the stresses and concerns I've been holding on to;
  • I hear the birds chirping happily and see growth on the trees - this brings me close to nature and gives me an appreciation and respect for the circle of life;
  • I feel the freedom and release of not being trapped or bound by clothes - while I still have a purpose and am driven to achieve, I am liberated by the options and choices I can make;
  • A contentment washes over me - I am me, and I like me; I am blessed, and I am grateful;
Now I am not suggesting that everyone needs to get training for a half marathon. I am merely sharing some of the physical benefits that I've experienced to my health and well-being.

You could garden in the nude, do housework in the nude or even do your work-outs in the nude on your home equipment. 

Photo credit: Jeff Norman
Used with permission by the NZNF
In fact, did you know that the word "gymnasium" comes from the latinisation of the Greek word gymnos which means "naked", and in essence means "to train naked".

Even if you have physical challenges or limitations I believe there are many things you can do without clothes that will benefit your body and physical well-being.

So, whether working out, tidying up, or enjoying some well-earned downtime, why not consider doing it clothes-free...for your health and well-being.


  1. If you do a workout routine at home, definitely the best way is in the nude, without clothes that restrict your movements, heat up your body and retain your sweat.
    Running naked outdoors is a bit more complicated. First, you need a suitable place where you don't need to worry about bumping into another person. And second, because unless you are used to, running barefoot can be dangerous (and wearing shoes and no clothes is a bit weird, isn't it?).
    My only experiences are a few runs along an almost deserted nude beach, and they were great. I had a few concerns about my dangly bits bouncing all around, but after a few minutes I completely forgot about it. And at the end it is really nice to replace the shower by a swim in the ocean to cool off.

  2. Glad to hear the joy of like minded naturist. Enjoy being natural as much as possible :)