Tuesday, July 16, 2013

62nd NZNF Naturist Festival - Rotota 2013/14

Every year the NZNF holds a National Festival to coincide with their AGM.  The festival runs for 7 days from 28 December to 3 January with the host club presenting themed entertainment each day and evening.
The Festival is a chance to reconnect with old friends and to make some new ones…a time to relax and "reboot” enjoying clothes-free recreation together.
This year the 62nd NZNF Festival will be hosted by Rotota Sun Club at their grounds on the sunny shores of Lake Ohakuri, not far from Rotorua, Tokoroa and Taupo (which is where they take their name). 

The theme for the festival this year is "Roman Rotota LXII Camp-out"
They say "for every 200 metres you travel down their driveway, you will travel 200 years back in time"! There will be Roman-themed games, banquets, crafts, slave auctions, chariot races to name a few...so come along in your toga and join us.
The programme will be exciting...from challenging the gladiators to being pampered like a Roman Goddess...there is an activity day and night to suit every citizen of the Empire.
Plans are well advanced for the forthcoming festival...marquees are hired, plans are being drawn up for the ancient siege engines and the gladiator challenge machine.  Rotota are looking forward to an exciting year of preparation for the Rally anticipating a fun and relaxing week with a few interesting twists. The festival committee is meeting regularly, finalising plans and organising events for this special time.

For as little as $150 p/person ($140 p/person if paid in full by 31 October 2013) you can treat yourself to a wonderful clothes-free holiday from 28 December 2013 until 3 January 2014 on the tranquil Rotota Sun Club grounds.

Register and pay in full by 31 October 2013 and pay only $140 p/person, plus go into a draw for a free festival. Click here to download the registration form.

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