Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer...??

"Boy, it's been a wonderful summer hasn't it!" No, they're not words much heard or associated with the summer we've been having this year! Some regions which usually enjoy many sunshine hours and balmy temperatures have been severely lacking in both of those areas. There's certainly been more of the "crazy" and less of the "lazy hazy" this summer.

However, despite this, recent events planned by naturist organisations and clubs around the country have seen an increased interest and participation in the lifestyle.

Many clubs have had successful visitor/open days over the summer and Free Beaches organised the much publicised "Skinny-dip down a Moonbeam" event on February 8th.

There has been a lot of media attention of various events, especially the February 8th event. Some of it has been negative but Joyce Flemming gave a most wonderful radio interview with Jim Mora on Radio NZ and I also did one on RDU (the Christchurch student/alternative radio station) with both presenters asking intelligent questions and showing their support/tolerance of our lifestyle.

Chris Laidlaw also ran a Haiku competition on his Radio NZ Saturday morning show with the topic of "skinny-dip down a moonbeam" that had a fantastic response and Kevin Sampson of Katikati Naturist Park wrote a wonderful and balanced article on public nakedness that ran in the NZ Herald.

So if you are one of the many whose interest in the naturist lifestyle has been piqued, then visit our our website for links to an organisation or club near you and experience what we call 'social naturism' and more of "those lazy hazy crazy days of summer"...hopefully.

[Photo courtesy of Brian Williams]

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